A role model for strong service dependability and accountability

JNP Aviation’s beginnings date back to 2006 when Joshua Payne started as a young contractor at the Whakatane Airport and immediately began improving teamwork and efficiency, two attributes that have held JNP Aviation in good stead throughout its professional journey since.

This subsequently led to the company growing and diversifying into all areas of airport management providing ground-handling, CSA provision, Flight attendants, cargo management, gaining UNICOM certification, external QA auditing for part135 operator, aerodrome inspections, NOTAM issuance, air fuels quality assurance, wildlife control, including being the Airport Authority at the WHK and TIU Airports.

More specifically the following lists the varied areas of services provided by JNP Aviation since its inception:

  • Ground Handling
  • Customer Service Agent Provision
  • Cargo Management
  • UNICOM Capability
  • External QA Auditing
  • Aerodrome Inspections
  • Supervision of Third Party Contractors
  • NOTAM Issuance
  • Air Fuels QA
  • Wildlife Control
  • Cabin Crew Provision

The much improved provision of quality and efficient support services did not go unnoticed by the then beneficiary of JNP Aviation’s hard work and commitment – Air New Zealand. This major player in the industry made its intentions to extend its usage of JNP Aviation’s services, if successful through the tender process known, and this facilitated the positively progressive and successful relationship the company has since had with Air New Zealand.

Ground HandlingGround Handling

Defining us is our delivery of ground handling services that are, quite simply, second to none. On the tarmac, the JNP Aviation team are professionalism personified. From handling baggage to aircraft cleaning or managing an array of services required by our clients, our steadfast focus on the highest levels of safety and efficiency are evident in our increasing list of airports across the country that we now service.

Our ground handling services include:

  • Aircraft Loading and Unloading
  • Cargo Loading and Unloading
  • Baggage Transfer and Transportation
  • Receipt and Dispatch Services
  • Cabin Cleaning
  • De/Anti-Icing
  • Aircraft Waste and Water Services
  • Catering
  • Re-Fuelling

Cargo ManagementCargo Management

As an experienced provider of cargo management at airports across New Zealand JNP Aviation understands the need for efficient turn-around times. The productivity of our clients and passengers relies on the efficient delivery of our cargo management services and this is where we excel.

Our cargo management services include:

  • Cargo Loading and Unloading
  • Cargo security
  • Baggage Transfer and Transportation
  • Baggage Services
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Customer ServicePassenger Services

JNP Aviation has an established and growing reputation for excellence in passenger services. Our extensive range of services that we offer covers all facets of passenger requirements from ticketing and check in services to airport lounge management and load control. Setting a new standard in airport services our priority is on ensuring our standards of excellence reflect and enhance Air New Zealand’s exacting standards.

Our Passenger Services include:

  • Check-in Services
  • Ticketing and Reservations
  • Transfer & Arrivals Services
  • Departure Gate Services
  • Lounge Management
  • Baggage Services
  • Special Assistance and VIP
  • Flight Disruption Coordination
  • Airside & Airport Bussing
  • Airport Trolley Supply & Management
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Airport ManagementAirport Management

At the very heart of everything we do is an unwavering focus on aviation safety. Experienced in delivering operational services at Civil Aviation Rule Part 139 Certificated airports, JNP Aviation consistently delivers above expectation on the efficient and effective management of Airports across New Zealand.

Our comprehensive Airport Management services include:

  • Aerodrome inspections
  • Wildlife control
  • Airfield maintenance & runway sweeping
  • Terminal services
  • Aerodrome inductions
  • Developing and maintaining exposition documents
  • NOTAM and AIP administration
  • Incident and occurrence reporting
  • Load Control
  • Airline Representation
  • Supervision
  • Airport Authority and Operator
  • Liaison

 Approved Cargo Agent

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  • Tracking service provided for all cargo
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