JNP Aviation sets up second home in Tauranga

25 July 2017

Boy we’ve been busy lately. Aligned with our continual growth is our desire to always ensure we deliver beyond expectation on efficiency and quality. So to ensure we can get to where we need to be, across the many Air New Zealand Airports we now service we made the decision earlier this year that we needed another home base, this time in Tauranga.

Our New Tauranga base

We now have a Tauranga base in Hangar 25 at Tauranga Airport and it’s proving a great location for us to be based from to service our airports and manage our team.

It’s great to be operating out of Tauranga.  There’s a lot going on here with their exponential growth as the fifth largest city and fastest growing region and we love being a part of the community and will enjoy getting to meet and network with the business community here as we settle in.  It’s been fantastic working with Ray Dumble and the team at Tauranga Airport as we get our new base set up and we really appreciate their support.

We still have our Whakatane Airport office also (we’ll always proudly and parochially fly the flag for Whakatane).

JNP Aviation Tauranga

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