JNP Aviation proudly plays its part on the British and Irish Lions Tour

12 July 2017

When the British and Irish Lions came to New Zealand for this year’s All Blacks Tour that meant one thing for JNP Aviation. Well, two things actually! One, we kept all our fingers crossed for a great series by the All Blacks and, two, we put in to play our own solid team approach to ensure the Lions could get to where they needed to go, on time.

Privately Chartered A320 Air New Zealand Jet

The British and Irish Lions privately chartered A320 Air New Zealand jet touched down at Rotorua Airport just before 2pm on June 14 and we were there to greet them.  In fact our JNP teams from Tauranga  and Hamilton went to Rotorua to help support the Rotorua JNP team while they had the rugby lions tour arrive in the chartered A320 Air New Zealand jets.

You can watch the team arriving here on this video and you might even spy us in some of the scenes.

Air New Zealand


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